Hometown pride, sense of community is encouraged through gift baskets

September 5, 2018

In an effort to alleviate some of that stress, the Town of Ceredo is making new residents feel welcome — one basket at a time.

“Ceredo is a bedroom community of 1460 people,” Ceredo Mayor Paul Billups said. “We been fortunate enough to have not experience overpopulation of our town, but something like this helps maintain a population by letting people know we want them here.”

Billups said the city has given out a steady supply of baskets in recent months, but can only give them out as quickly as people move in.

Nonetheless, the baskets have received positive feedback from each new resident.

“Everyone that we’ve ever delivered to has never expected it. Lawn flag in each of the baskets and they all immediately put it in their yard so that families can know that they are a new family and come welcome them,” Billups said. “It helps them get acclimated to the area and get themselves established in our community.”

Cadara Shreve moved to Ceredo in August 2015, but received a welcome basket from the town in June when her husband Dustin moved in after the couple was married.“I was completely shocked by such a nice gesture. It made me believe it small towns again. It felt like something you would see out of a movie,” Shreve said. “I’ve never even heard of towns giving out gift baskets until I moved to Ceredo. I love how much pride everyone around here takes in their homes and the town.”

The baskets, Billups said, is the simplest way to let people know the town is glad to have them and they want them to stick around.

“Houses don’t stay on the market long and that just speaks well of our area,” Billups said.

Each basket comes with a yard flag with the stand, rug, and candle, to encourage recipients to take pride in their new town.

The effort doesn’t go unnoticed.

“I’ve had others notice the flag and the rug. They can’t believe that we were given those items from our local government. I’ve also noticed many neighbors with flags in their yard,” Shreve said. “There is definitely a sense of community in Ceredo.”

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