James E. Wagner Cultivation Engages CFN Media to Build New Investor Audience

May 17, 2018

SEATTLE, WA, May 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CFN Media Group (“CFN Media”), the leading agency and financial media network dedicated to the North American cannabis industry, today announced that James E. Wagner Cultivation has engaged CFN Media to conduct a 3-month investor and market visibility program to begin on May 17, 2018.

“James E. Wagner Cultivation has a rich history as a family-owned business with a tight-knit collective of patients and growers under Canada’s ACMPR,” said Frank Lane, President of CFN Media. “The company has multiple revenue streams including wholesale and retail medical cannabis, and adult use cannabis upon its legalization expected in the summer of 2018, and licensing its revolutionary aeroponic GrowthStorm™ technology to other cultivators. The company is expected to soon be publicly trading on the TSX Venture Exchange.”

“JWC is excited to be working with CFN to connect with investors and keep them up to date on important developments as we continue to expand production and advance our organization,” said James E. Wagner Cultivation CEO Nathan Woodworth. “JWC is the first and largest producer of aeroponically grown cannabis in Canada; using our proprietary and patent pending GrowthStorm™ Production System, we intend to be the largest aeroponic producer of any crop, anywhere in the world by the end of 2018. We will continue to pioneer new and innovative technologies that will have a lasting impact on the cannabis industry as we help to establish a mature cannabis marketplace in Canada and beyond!”

CFN Media will leverage its powerful content platform and extensive reach into mainstream and cannabis-focused investor audiences and media across North America to attract high-quality investors to James E. Wagner Cultivation while elevating the company’s financial brand.

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About James E. Wagner Cultivation

James Wagner grew up on a farm in Southern Ontario in the 1920’s and 30’s. His father was a German immigrant who worked hard to provide for his wife and sons. James was a farmer too; he spent most of his life out in his fields, growing everything imaginable in the fertile ground of his family tobacco farm near Tillsonburg.

But to us he was always Grandpa Jim, as we followed him around on the farm. When the first members of our group turned to cannabis as a medicine, it was James who offered support and advice. When our family, mostly children and grandchildren of James, formed a collective of patients and growers under the MMAR, James was there. When it became clear that we needed to take our newly developed technology and apply to become a Licensed Producer under the ACMPR, we could think of no more fitting accolade than to name our business after James.

JWC is a family business, founded on family values. Our founding members began growing their own product years ago, but our efforts quickly grew as we engaged with more patients and growers within our community. Our passion for growing was obvious in our product, and the lives of our patients. As we move forward as a Licensed Producer under the ACMPR, it is our goal to continue to help patients by providing clean, consistent medical cannabis products. It is our goal to continue to work within our community to help people access and understand Cannabis.

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