Ohio regulators award 7 licenses to medical marijuana processors

August 3, 2018

Ohio regulators award 7 licenses to medical marijuana processors

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Only seven of the 104 applicants to make products infused with medical marijuana met the state’s minimum standards for a provisional processor license, the Department of Commerce announced Friday. 

Another six applicants could receive provisional licenses, pending background and tax checks.  

The state can award up to 40 processor licenses in this first round. The Ohio Department of Commerce plans to allow rejected applicants to revise their applications and resubmit them to obtain one of the remaining licenses. 

Ohio’s medical marijuana law allows the sale of plant material for vaping, as well as oils, lotions, patches, tinctures and edibles. Cultivators will be able to package dried flower to sell to dispensaries, but all other products require a separate processor license to produce and package. 

The seven initial licensees are: 

Ohio Grown Therapies, LLC in Johnstown (185.48 points) Fire Rock Processing Ltd. In Columbus (182 points) Ohio Green Grow LLC in Toledo (177.28 points) Greenleaf Therapeutics, LLC in either Middlefield or Willoughby (176.72 points) Grow Ohio Pharmaceuticals, LLC in Newtown Township (172.20 points) Standard Farms Ohio LLC in Garfield Heights (156.52 points) Corsa Verde LLC in Columbus (155.32 points) 

At least 24 of the 26 companies awarded provisional cultivator licenses also applied for processor licenses. Of the initial seven, processors Fire Rock, Grow Ohio and Ohio Green Grow are also cultivator licensees. 

Companies applied for the licenses in December. Winners were expected to be announced in spring and then, after errors were found in the agency’s scoring process, in June. Three cultivators have been given the OK to begin growing medical marijuana.

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