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Police Arrest 10 Gangsters in Bloody Armored Car Holdup

June 14, 1992

MARSEILLE, France (AP) _ Ten gangsters have been arrested in connection with a 1990 armored car holdup that left the driver and guard dead, police said Sunday.

The suspects, rounded up in a sweep in southeastern France on Saturday, were being questioned by police. Under French law, they can be held 48 hours before being charged.

One suspect was Antoine ″Tony the Eel″ Cossu, 52, a close associate of reputed Marseille crime boss Francis ″The Belgian″ Vanverberghe, who is imprisoned for international drug trafficking.

It was the second round of arrests in the March 12, 1990, holdup in this port city.

As the armored car was making a stop outside a business, cars driven by the bandits cut off the narrow street on which it was parked. A dozen heavily armed men killed the guard and driver in a spray of gunfire and stole their cargo.

In March, police arrested 20 people in the case. Three were charged.

Police on Sunday did not rule out further arrests.

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