JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) _ At least five workers were injured and 35 others were detained after a clash between police and protesting workers at a glove factory in northern Sumatra, a human rights group said Friday.

The clash in Medan occurred as about 700 workers of PT Latex Indotoba Perkasa, who had been on strike for higher pay and better benefits, asked the company management whether they could return to work.

However, dozens of policemen who were guarding the factory pushed the workers away, said Ridwan, a lawyer at the local Legal Aid Foundation.

One of the workers was struck by a bayonet, Ridwan said from his office in Medan, about 875 miles northwest of Jakarta.

Four workers were then struck and injured by rubbers bullets, and another was ``believed to be beaten after being taken to a police station,'' he said.

Police were not available for comment.

The clash was the first in the Indonesia's third-largest city since May, when thousands took to the streets to protest price hikes in economically pressed Indonesia. At least five people were killed by gunfire.