Florence Biggest Loser contestants report gains from program

March 18, 2019

FLORENCE, S.C. – After all of the hard work, time and sweat you put into your new healthy habits, not much feels better than finally achieving one (or more) of your healthy goals.

Having that feeling of success cannot only show you that all that hard work was worth it, but it can also motivate you to keep pushing and set even more goals for yourself.

During Week 2 of the United Way of Florence County’s 2019 Florence’s Biggest Loser program, we asked several of the contestants what healthy goals they were hoping to meet during the program. Now that the contestants have entered Week 9 of this year’s program, we checked back in with them to see what goals they have hit and what goals they are hoping to achieve for the future.

>> Melinda Fuller: “I entered this competition hoping to lose about 30 pounds, and I am nowhere near that weight loss goal. … Maybe that was unrealistic. However, I have lost several inches, and I feel so much better with the changes that I have made to my diet and exercise routines. I plan to continue to stick with the changes that I have made and hope that I can eventually reach that weight loss goal eventually. I may be walking in the McLeod 5k this weekend, but I am determined that I am going to run in the Turkey Trot in November!”

>> Donna Dunham: “Because of my personal trainer, Lisa, and Florence’s Biggest Loser, I have reached my goals of walking up a flights of stairs. I am now able to stand and prepare a meal without the back pains and leg pains. I am no longer getting leg cramps during the night, and most of all, the one I know my husband enjoys the most, is that I can tie or buckle my own shoes! I’m on my way to a healthier and longer life.”

>> Khadija Williams: “I have not quite reached my weight goal, but I have reached a couple of health goals. I started clean eating and changed a lot of my eating habits. I also started exercising more, and that’s a great feeling. I no longer feel sluggish and have more energy from the two healthy changes combined.”

>> Connie Rodgers: “My goals have not changed from the start of Florence’s Biggest Loser. I am losing weight. I have more energy now that I have become more active, and I have started preparing meals beforehand to help keep myself on track. I have also been to the doctor to discuss a plan for getting off of the pills prescribed to me. This journey has been very interesting, and I am by no means through, but it has helped jumpstart the process that I have to go through. With the help of God and my family (my support), I will obtain my goals of a healthier ME!”

>> Scott Baldwin: “I have reached my weight loss goal for this competition, so everything that I lose from here on out is a bonus. My last goal was to win as a team overall. We’re behind as of now but are inching closer every week to achieve this goal.”

>> Courtney Sullivan: “My goal that I have met is that I feel better and I am able to do more! I have also lost inches and weight in the process. Not to mention the great friendships I have made!”

If you would like to help one of the 2019 contestants continue their fitness goals by winning a six-month membership to the McLeod Health and Fitness Center, you can vote for them as your Fan-Favorite by visiting burnandlearnflorence.com. The last day to vote is March 28.