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July 27, 1989

WASHINGTON, Conn. (AP) _ Mick Jagger’s 46th birthday added to the trickle of rock fans finding their way here since word got out the Rolling Stones are in rehearsals for their upcoming tour.

Heavy security has kept the curious at bay and soundproofing has kept rehearsal rhythms out of earshot, but the fans kibbitz and trade stories of the middle-aged rockers.

There are those who say they’ve seen Jagger bicycling downtown, or have heard him commenting on the pizza at the local parlor.

One man said Jagger looked ″like a college professor″ as he hopped out of a rented Mercedes Benz limo wearing a jacket and small, dark glasses, and stepped into another waiting car.

But most people have seen nothing more than limousines and vans with out- of-state license plates.

Cathy Gorham and Nyles Courrhesne, students from Massachusetts, traveled two hours down from Holyoke to wish Jagger a happy birthday Wednesday.

″We had nothing to do so we thought we’d come down and find Mick,″ said Gorham, who has tickets for Stones’ shows this fall in Cleveland and Washington, D.C.


ROME, Ga. (AP) - Frank Serpico, the officer who blew the whistle on police corruption in New York during the 1970s, has inherited the house of a Georgia man he befriended in Holland.

The former New York policeman and his attorney, former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, were in this north Georgia city Wednesday to settle the estate of Willem Smits, 56. Smits was killed in March 1986 after an argument with his female housemate over a pot of cabbage.

Serpico served as executor of Smits’ estate and is heir to Smits’ rambling brick house, known locally as ″The Castle.″ Rome lawyer C.H. Hollingsworth said the house will be sold.

Serpico and Smits became friends in Holland, where Serpico fled following his 1971 testimony before the Knapp Commission investigating New York City police corruption.

Serpico’s story was told by author Peter Maas in the best-selling novel ″Serpico″ and later in a movie by the same name starring Al Pacino.


PARIS (AP) - Ines de la Fressange, the high fashion model with a reported million-dollar contract with Chanel, said Thursday she missed this week’s haute couture show because of a feud with Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Lagerfeld was angered because her face was chosen as the latest image of ″Marianne,″ an official symbol of France, she told the daily Le Figaro. Previous Mariannes have included film stars Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve.

The dispute was already public. Last month in the International Herald- Tribune, Lagerfeld said Marianne was ″the symbol of everything that is boring, bourgeois and provincial. I have succeeded in stopping Chanel from being part of the establishment, identified with the bourgeoisie. Now all that is being handed right back to me. No thanks 3/8″

When Miss de la Fressange failed to appear at Tuesday’s Chanel show, for the first time since her exclusive seven-year, reportedly $1 million a year contract was signed in 1984, the fashion house said she was ill and resting.

″The decision was taken in agreement with Chanel several weeks ago,″ the 31-year-old model was quoted as saying. ″We agreed to say I was tired. And it’s true I’m sick and tired of all these trifles.″

Le Figaro quoted her as saying of Lagerfeld: ″He’s an exuberant man. Maybe he is a little jealous of my success. His German origins come out sometimes. It’s the ‘Kaiser’ side of him.″


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Marilyn Quayle, the wife of Vice President Dan Quayle, planned to take as little public notice as possible of her 40th birthday Friday, aides said.

Quayle’s Washington staff planned an office party honoring Mrs. Quayle, but no other celebrations were scheduled, The Indianapolis Star reported.

Mrs. Quayle grew up here and is a graduate of Indiana University School of Law. Her husband was Indiana’s junior senator before his election to the vice presidency last November.

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