Festival in Florence celebrates many cultures

August 26, 2018

FLORENCE, S.C. – Hundreds of people gathered at Ebenezer Park on Saturday afternoon for a celebration of cultures across the world.

The International Festival, an event put on by Trinity Evangelical Presbyterian Church alongside several other organizations, is in its third year.

Matt Walton, pastor of Trinity Evangelical, said the festival is a reflection of the international ministry at the church trying to partner with other international organizations around the area.

“You’ve got HopeHealth and many other organizations that help with the Hispanic community. We’ve also got the Philippine Church that has partnered with Sandhurst, which has helped us out with their mission program,” Walton said. “Every year, we add on another group and as people come out, they get to see the different nationalities represented.”

Attendees were able to sample food from many different countries, meet people from different organizations and have a time of fellowship.

Walton said the festival is proof that different cultures, races and ethnicities can work together.

“We are such a divided culture in many ways,” Walton said. “Florence is escaping some of that, but as a whole, we are all so divided. This proves, when you see this many people can come together and have a good time, that the gospel can unify people. We don’t have to be separated out by the things that culture says separates us.”

Walton said he wanted to thank the Florence County for allowing the festival to use the space free.

“They allowed us to use this walking charge,” Walton said. “They have been a huge blessing to us and, to have the city behind it, is such a blessing to us.”

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