Letter to the editor: Of course Peconi is right

August 2, 2018

Arnold Mayor Karen Peconi is absolutely right to stand her ground. We’ve heard from the Arnold firemen -- they’re not getting involved. You won’t hear from the police. I grew up in Arnold and this situation disgusts me.

Here’s the fact: Mayors and councils of the entire United States represent law and order. They hire and manage the police. Any mayor or council that supports and defends the lawlessness of blocking people’s right to use public roads should simply resign. We taxpayers pay for those roads. I bring you the mayor of Baltimore, who encouraged rioting, looting and burning a few years back -- and she’s still in office.

My request is that the entire Arnold council resign immediately. They disgust me with their support of this lawlessness and thuggery. Any of you council people want to call me and discuss this, feel free. Be prepared for a good chewing, including expletives.

As a U.S. Army infantry veteran patriot, I stand with with Peconi to my last breath. Bring on the hoses. Bring on law and order.

Jorn Jensen

West Franklin Township

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