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‘Oh 3/8 Calcutta 3/8’ Closing After Long Run

July 29, 1989

NEW YORK (AP) _ They’re baring all for the last time.

″Oh 3/8 Calcutta 3/8″, Broadway’s long-running nude revue, will close Aug. 6 after a run of 5,959 performances, executive producer Maria Di Dia, announced Friday.

″It’s been an exciting ride, and I’m sad to see it end,″ said Ms. Di Dia. ″But I’m also happy because no one ever expected this show to succeed.″

The current edition of the show opened Sept. 24, 1976, at the Edison Theater. It was the second major incarnation for the revue, which premiered originally in 1969 at off-Broadway’s Eden Theater, moved in 1971 to Broadway’s Belasco Theater and ran there until the following year.

The show has been seen by more than 85 million people in 18 countries, according to Ms. Di Dia, and has grossed more than $350 million.

Among the more than 1,400 performers who appeared in various productions of the revue are Bill Macy, formerly of ″Maude″; Alan Rachins of ″L.A. Law″; Samantha Harper, Steven Keats and choreographer Margot Sappington.

″Oh 3/8 Calcutta 3/8″ was first put together in 1969 by British critic Kenneth Tynan, who wanted to stage a musical revue about ″the pursuit of happiness through sex.″

Among the contributors to the revue were Jules Feiffer, John Lennon, Sam Shepard, Robert Benton, David Newman and Sherman Yellen.

The current production of ″Oh 3/8 Calcutta 3/8″ was produced by Norman Kean, who operated the Edison Theater. Kean jumped to his death last year from his New York apartment after stabbing his wife, actress Gwyda DonHowe, to death.

During its long run, ″Oh 3/8 Calcutta 3/8″ has been engaged in a battle of statistics with ″A Chorus Line.″ Although it opened on Broadway more than a year after ″A Chorus Line,″ ″Oh 3/8 Calcutta 3/8″ has given more performances because its schedule calls for 10 performances each week rather than the customary eight.

″A Chorus Line,″ which opened on July 25, 1975, at the Shubert Theater and is still going, advertises itself as ″Broadway’s longest-running show.″ The current edition of ″Oh 3/8 Calcutta 3/8″ bills itself as ″the world’s longest-running erotic musical.″

Ms. Di Dia said she currently is negotiating a Latin American tour for the revue, as well as another American touring company.