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September 18, 1988

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) _ Rock star Mick Jagger surprised patrons at a nightclub with an impromptu performance.

Patrons at the tiny Kardomah Cafe, in the the red-light Kings Cross district, were startled Saturday night as a relaxed Jagger and his band performed a set of Rolling Stones classics and blues after having spent all week in rehearsal, publicist Donna Vass said.

Jagger will appear in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth on his Australian tour.


ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - The new Miss America, Gretchen Carlson, says her lightning-fast break with normal life was extremely difficult and left her with mixed emotions about winning the title.

″I was devastated by the quick goodbye I had with my parents in my hotel room in Atlantic City,″ she said. ″Suddenly my whole support system was torn away from me.″

The Anoka woman, a student on leave from Stanford University, has just finished the first week of her reign, and there’s no letup in sight. A quick welcome-home trip is scheduled early in October, a 10-day break at Christmas, and one day off at Easter. That’s it.

But there is glamour, of course.

Miss Carlson has visited Donald Trump and his $30 million yacht, the Trump Princess, and stayed for five days at one of New York’s most elegant hotels, Maxim’s, owned by Pierre Cardin.

Still, she recalls the morning after she was named Miss America: ″I looked in the mirror the next day. I said to myself, ’You did it. Now you have to figure out if you’re glad you did it.‴


LONDON (AP) - The prime minister’s office once planted a false story that Prince Charles would marry Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg to catch a senior political source leaking information to the press, a new book says.

The false information was leaked 11 years ago with the connivance of Special Branch, the arm of Scotland Yard that handles political security, and with the assent of Charles’ parents, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, according to ″The Real Charles,″ to be published Monday.

Author Alan Hamilton, a senior journalist at The Times of London, said the source had upset the prime minister’s office and Buckingham Palace by feeding ″a stream of high-grade, accurate political gossip″ to John Warden, then political editor of the Daily Express.

The suspected source was fed an inaccurate ″but just about plausible″ account that Charles would marry Marie-Astrid, a Roman Catholic, the book says. In fact, the two scarcely knew each other.

The planted story claimed that any sons of the marriage would be raised as Anglicans, but that daughters would be brought up as Catholics, Hamilton says. The British monarch is head of the state Church of England and by law, Roman Catholics are barred from succeeding to the throne.

The story appeared on the front page of the Express under the headline ″Charles To Marry Astrid - Official.″

The source was then confronted, confessed his guilt and discreetly retired, Hamilton says.

The Sunday Telegraph quoted Warden as denying a trap was set. It quoted him as saying his information for the story came from a politician with extremely good royal connections who had correctly tipped him the previous year that Princess Margaret, the queen’s sister, would get a divorce.


CHICAGO (AP) - TV talk show hostess Oprah Winfrey says she will soon make a dream come true by becoming the first black to own a major television and film production studio.

Ms. Winfrey, who recently acquired ownership of her nationally syndicated talk show, is leading a small group of investors in purchasing an 88,000- square- foot TV and film production facility on Chicago’s Near West Side.

Ms. Winfrey said she had been dreaming of owning her own studio ever since she saw director Steven Spielberg’s Amblin film studio while auditioning for a role in his film ″The Color Purple″ three years ago.

″I thought, ’One day I want to own a place like this,‴ Ms. Winfrey said. ″It was a dream of mine ... but I did not know it would happen this fast.″

An announcement released Saturday by Ms. Winfrey’s production company, Harpo Productions Inc., said acquisition makes her ″the first black individual in history to own a TV and film production complex.″

The 30-year-old Fred Niles Studios, which four years ago became Studio Network Inc., will be renamed Harpo Studios once the deal is closed, expected in a few days. No purchase price was given, but the investors say the total cost of acquiring, renovating and equipping the facility will be more than $10 million.

Ms. Winfrey can easily afford to invest in the film complex. The Oct. 3 issue of Forbes magazine estimated her 1987-88 earnings at $37 million.

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SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - Bob Costas is on temporary leave from ″NFL Live″ while he serves as host of the late night show from this Olympic city. But even in Korea, he found a gridiron reminder.

While visiting the demilitarized zone that divides North and South Korea, Costas walked into a Quonset hut used for meetings between the two sides.

In the middle of the hut was a desk. When Washington Redskins lineman Mark May visited the DMZ on a USO tour three years ago, he stuck a Redskins sticker under the desk when the North Koreans weren’t looking.

Costas, who heard about May’s prank from a U.S. Army officer, decided to see if the sticker was still there. Sure enough it was.

″The North Koreans, whether they realize it or not, are apparently fans of the defending Super Bowl champions,″ Costas quipped.

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