Letter to the editor: UPMC is run by thugs

August 12, 2018

On Jan. 29, 2018, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ruled that UPMC must contract with Highmark’s Medicare Advantage Security Blue and Freedom Blue plans through the end of 2019. This sounded great to thousands of senior citizens. But, we should have known that the greedy UPMC executive officers would find a way around this court order. UPMC appealed the decision and now the courts agreed with UPMC. After Dec. 31, 2018, seniors who have Highmark won’t have access to their UPMC doctors and will be denied the use of UPMC hospitals in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

The executive officers of UPMC should be arrested for extortion and intimidation. They are thugs. These officers are forcing people to drop their Highmark insurance and buy UPMC insurance. As much as I love my doctors, who have saved my life a couple times, I am going to have to leave them. I will not give in to extortion.

UPMC does not care about seniors. So many have heart trouble, cancer and other serious illnesses, and they are used to going to doctors who know their medical history. UPMC executives should be ashamed of what they are doing. They are putting lives at risk.

When you see a UPMC TV commercial about how much they care for people, just remember how they are treating seniors.

Evie Bodick


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