Attacker accused of biting off part of woman’s face

January 5, 2019

When officers arrived, the victim was standing in the doorway to her bedroom with “a very large chunk of flesh missing from the left side of her cheek area.”

Her attacker, Shaquille Fifer, 24, of the 200 block of West Leith Street, “stood there like a zombie as he stared motionless into space,” according to court documents.

Fifer was charged Friday with two counts of domestic battery : one count resulting in serious bodily injury and the other count resulting in moderate bodily injury.

The victim had rushed downstairs when she found out the dogs were out of their cages. She found Fifer naked holding the cage door, court documents said.

The victim called out for her fiancé, who came down to secure the cage, court records said.

While the fiancé was dealing with the cage, Fifer came up behind the victim, grabbed her face and leaned in “sinking his teeth into the left side of her cheek.”

The fiancé had to pull Fifer off her “which led to the large gaping hole in her face,” court documents said.

Both the victim and Fifer’s girlfriend : who was at the scene when officers arrived, trying to get clothes for her naked boyfriend : told police Fifer had taken spice, a drug that can cause unpredictable reactions.

Medics tended to the victimat the scene. She said she would go to the hospital herself because she worked there, court documents said.

The downstairs living area had a large blood splatter along the floor and there were pieces of the victim’s hair that had been ripped out, court documents said.

Fifer was being held at the Allen County Jail in lieu of $5,000 bail. He has a court hearing scheduled for Wednesday.  


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