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Kuwait Says Iraq is Plundering Hospitals, Blood Banks With AM-Gulf Rdp, Bjt

September 6, 1990

UNITED NATIONS (AP) _ Iraq has plundered Kuwait’s blood banks and its hospitals, stripping the facilities of intensive care equipment and incubators and causing the deaths of patients, Kuwait’s ambassador said Thursday.

″We do have some reports of the inhuman practices,″ Kuwaiti Ambassador Mohammad Abulhasan told reporters. He said health authorities in occupied Kuwait had provided him with reports of the looting of medical equipment.

In a letter to the Security Council, he said, ″The delicate medical equipment used in the intensive care units of many Kuwaiti hospitals has been seized and taken to Baghdad. This has led to the death of many patients who were receiving intensive care.

″The incubators in maternity hospitals used for ... premature children have been removed, causing the death of all the children who were under treatment,″ his letter said.

″Plasma deposits at the blood bank have been removed and transferred to Baghdad,″ he continued.

″The inmates of mental hospitals and centers for the disabled have been released and allowed to roam in the streets without any care or attention,″ the ambassador added.

Last week, the ambassador said all five of Kuwait’s regular hospitals had been emptied of patients to be used by Iraqi troops and citizens, causing the deaths of several elderly patients who depended on life-support equipment.

In remarks to reporters Thursday, Abulhasan said ″We have reports also of looting of reservoirs of food for Kuwait and moving it to Iraq. It has taken place since the first week of the occupation″ that began Aug. 2.

When asked if any deaths by starvation had occurred in Kuwait, he replied, ″Not yet.″

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