CHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island (AP) _ A protester pushed a paper plate full of whipped cream into the face of Prime Minister Jean Chretien on Wednesday.

Chretien, 66, had just arrived at a convention center in Charlottetown and was greeting supporters when the man walked up and shoved the plate of whipped cream in his face.

The prime minister bowed his head and removed the plate, his face covered in cream. Looking angry, Chretien was led to a washroom to clean up. He continued his visit a few minutes later, refusing to comment on the incident.

The attacker, who identified himself as Evan Brown, was grabbed by Royal Canadian Mounted Police escorting Chretien. While being led away, he described himself as a member of a group called the Prince Edward Island Pie Brigade and said he was protesting the government's policies on trade and other social issues such as welfare cuts.

``It's time the government was made accountable,'' the man said.

The incident occurred on Prince Edward Island, a Canadian province off the eastern coast.

Chretien, who has been prime minister since 1993, says he intends to run again in federal elections expected to be held in the next 10 months.

Throwing pies at political figures and others has become a sporadic form of protest in recent years. Other targets have included actor Sylvester Stallone, former Quebec Premier Jacques Parizeau, Montreal Mayor Pierre Bourque and International Trade Minister Pierre Pettigrew.

A Montreal-based group that has been responsible for previous pie attacks says it targets people who take themselves too seriously.