Trade spat with China is unnecessary -- John Morgan

May 25, 2019

The United States stepped on China’s toes, and China reciprocated. Each one claimed it would stop when the other one stopped. Then they traded a few shin kicks. This seems to be what passes for free trade in the modern world.

Back in the good old days, in Phoenicia, they didn’t have these problems. They knew what free trade was, because they invented it. An ancient Phoenician would look at trade today and wonder what people are thinking. Or if they are.

Another thing I find most puzzling is American corporations’ complaints that China is stealing their intellectual property. This is not theft. American corporations have voluntarily made a deal with China to trade their intellectual property for the right to trade in China. Then they cry foul.

But they don’t need to trade in China. They can make all the profits they need trading with the rest of the world. Their desire for China’s market is pure greed.

In fact, if American corporations would decline to trade with China on its current terms, and also require that trade be based on China eliminating tariffs on American exports, then we could have free trade, without tariffs, bluster or sore shins.

John Morgan, Madison

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