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March 22, 2019


NEW YORK (AP) — She plays a conquering queen in “Game of Thrones.” But in real life, Emilia Clarke has had twice had to deal with a serious medical issue. The actress tells The New Yorker that since she has been with the HBO fantasy drama, she has twice needed surgery to repair aneurysms. Clarke says first came when she was 24 and had just finished season one of Game of Thrones. After the surgery, Clarke says it was weeks before she could speak her full name. She had a second, more invasive, surgery after season three of Game of Thrones. She has since recovered fully — and has managed to keep quiet about the medical issues until now.



058073-w-300:24-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor, with TV show them)-“I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”-‘Thrones’ actress Emilia Clarke says she’s had 2 aneurysms (22 Mar 2019)

<<CUT *058073 (03/22/19)££ 300:24 “I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”

058074-r-445:20-(Sound of “Game of Thrones” theme)-“music fades”-‘Thrones’ actress Emilia Clarke says she’s had 2 aneurysms (22 Mar 2019)

<<CUT *058074 (03/22/19)££ 445:20 “music fades”


BOSTON (AP) — A judge in Boston has delayed a scheduled hearing for actress Lori Loughlin (LAWK’-lin) and her fashion designer husband, Mossimo Giannulli. The couple was due in court a week from today. But the hearing has been delayed to April 3. That’s earlier than the April 15 date lawyers for the couple had sought. The two are charged with paying $500,000 in bribes to get their daughters into the University of Southern California. The other actress charged in the case, Felicity Huffman, is due in court a week from Wednesday. Neither has commented publicly on the allegations.


CHICAGO (AP) — The R. Kelly sex abuse trial is still a long ways off — but the singer’s legal team has already started laying out some of its strategies in fighting off the charges against him. One area the defense is expected to hone in on is the truthfulness of the women accusing Kelly. The defense team is also expected to say any sex Kelly had was consensual — and that he thought his accusers were of age.


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — An overseas trip by R. Kelly is in limbo after his criminal attorney asked for more time to provide details to the court about concerts the singer wants to perform next month in Dubai. A Chicago hearing only briefly touched on a defense motion this week asking the judge in Kelly’s sexual-assault case for permission to travel to earn money from up to five concerts. The filing says Kelly is scrambling to pay bills amid his legal troubles. Outside court, Kelly’s entertainment attorney, Doug Anton, said any Dubai trip is off for now as contracts with Dubai concert organizers are reworked. Criminal attorney Steve Greenberg said later Kelly could still go to Dubai next month. He says he wants to provide the judge more details before any ruling. Kelly can’t travel outside Illinois without the judge’s permission.



058127-a-137:76-(Steve Greenberg, attorney for singer R. Kelly, with reporters)-“to do shows ((fourth reference)”-Judge expected to rule on R Kelly request to fly to Dubai (22 Mar 2019)

<<CUT *058127 (03/22/19)££ 137:76 “to do shows ((fourth reference)”

058126-a-24:48-(Steve Greenberg, attorney for singer R. Kelly, with reporters)-“to Dubai, absolutely”-Judge expected to rule on R Kelly request to fly to Dubai (22 Mar 2019)

<<CUT *058126 (03/22/19)££ 24:48 “to Dubai, absolutely”

058125-a-137:04-(Steve Greenberg, attorney for singer R. Kelly, with reporters)-“making a decision”-Judge expected to rule on R Kelly request to fly to Dubai (22 Mar 2019)

<<CUT *058125 (03/22/19)££ 137:04 “making a decision”


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Olivia Newton-John is probably best known for the movie “Grease.” But she almost didn’t do it. She says she had doubts — but changed her mind and the movie became a hit. The singer also had doubts about another big milestone in her career: the song “Physical.” She had a somewhat wholesome image and the song’s lyrics suggested otherwise. To blunt that, Newton-John says she decided to have the music video make it seem the song is about exercise.



058029-a-99:12-(Olivia Newton-John, singer-actress)-“it’s a gift”-Olivia Newton-John reflects on two big successes in her life (22 Mar 2019)

<<CUT *058029 (03/22/19)££ 99:12 “it’s a gift”

058028-a-139:20-(Olivia Newton-John, singer-actress)-“later it’s hilarious”-Olivia Newton-John reflects on two big successes in her life (22 Mar 2019)

<<CUT *058028 (03/22/19)££ 139:20 “later it’s hilarious”

058030-a-219:84-(Olivia Newton-John, singer-actress)-“video about exercise”-Olivia Newton-John reflects on two big successes in her life (22 Mar 2019)

<<CUT *058030 (03/22/19)££ 219:84 “video about exercise”

058031-a-161:04-(Olivia Newton-John, singer-actress)-“mean, who knew”-Olivia Newton-John reflects on two big successes in her life (22 Mar 2019)

<<CUT *058031 (03/22/19)££ 161:04 “mean, who knew”


NEW YORK (AP) — Jessica Mendoza says she doesn’t think working for the New York Mets will keep her from hearing juicy tidbits from ballplayers on other teams. That’s because the ESPN broadcaster says most players are already leery about providing inside dope — because they figure it would end up on the air. Mendoza took a job with the Mets as an ops adviser during the offseason. She says some players have already teased her about her dual role — but she says such commends are usually made “in a joking way.”


NEW YORK (AP) — Papa John’s has a new pitchman: Shaquille O’Neal. The pizza chain says the basketball Hall of Famer will appear on TV commercials and other advertisements. He will also join the company’s board of directors and invest in nine of its restaurants. Papa John’s is trying to revive its image after the company’s founder and namesake, John Schnatter (SHNAH’-tur), was reported to have used a racial slur during a media training session. Schnatter, who was the face of the company, has apologized for the slur, and the company scrubbed his face from the company’s logo and advertisements last year. Schnatter is still the Louisville, Kentucky-based company’s biggest shareholder. Papa John’s International says it will pay O’Neal more than $8 million in cash and company stock for a three-year endorsement deal.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Barack Obama is feeling the love about the engagement of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod has shared a congratulatory handwritten note on Twitter he received from the former president and his wife, Michelle. Obama wrote: “After 26 years together, we can say that whatever challenges life may bring, sharing them with someone you love makes it all better.” Rodriguez tweeted the note “means the world to us.” The former Yankees shortstop and the “World of Dance” judge got engaged earlier this month. It will be Lopez’s fourth marriage and A-Rod’s second. Each has two children from previous marriages.

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