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David Foster and Katherine McPhee ‘bring out the best’ in each other

By CelebretainmentMay 26, 2019

David Foster and Katherine McPhee “bring out the best in each other”.

The 69-year-old musician has been engaged to 35-year-old ‘American Idol’ alum Katherine since June last year, and how fellow musician Pia Toscano - who is set to head out on tour with David - has praised their romance as “amazing”, as she says the couple “light each other up in the best way”.

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, she said: “I love them. They’re the most amazing couple. I was with them a lot this weekend. We did [book] a few shows together and I’m just so happy for them.

“They just love and support each other and they’re both fun. They’re so fun together. They light each other up like that in the best way. They bring out the best in each other. They’re both very lucky to have each other.”

And Pia isn’t the only one who thinks the couple are good together, as David himself previously claimed he “won the lottery” when the ‘Scorpion’ actress agreed to marry him.

Sharing a picture of his fiancée on Instagram, he captioned it: “I won the lottery!!! (sic)”

The photograph was a repost of something Katherine had posted on her Instagram story, where she admitted she “can’t wait” to marry David.

She wrote: “Far away from each other but still can’t wait to marry you @davidfoster (sic)”

Meanwhile, David’s daughter Sara said she thinks Katherine will be a “great addition” to the family.

She said: “She’s great. She’s a great addition. You know I’ve learned to not rule anything out [like David and Katherine having children]. I think anything is possible at this point. Who knows? ... She’s wonderful. The other day she was like, ‘I got you a facial,’ and like that’s so cool. My dad loves love and my dad loves commitment. My dad’s always been married. He’s never been single really. He’s a real commitment, marriage kind of guy and I’m happy for him.”

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