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Secret Service Checks Car For Bomb

September 30, 1986

TULSA, Okla. (AP) _ Bruce Honomichl never considered his 16-year-old car a threat, especially when it was legally parked on a city street. But the Secret Service and a police dog named Remco had other ideas.

It seems Honomichl’s car was parked along the scheduled route for by Vice President George Bush’s motorcade during his visit to Tulsa on Friday. And Remco thought he sniffed a bomb in Honomichl’s car.

When Honomichl, 25, a Tulsa World copy editor, got off work about 1 a.m. Saturday, he discovered someone had broken into his car.

The headlights had been left on and the battery was dead. The glove compartment had been broken open. The trunk popped up when he slammed the car door because the lock had been broken and the edges pried. Several items in the trunk were rain-drenched.

Then he found a note that he first thought was a joke.

The note said his automobile ″was entered by elements of the vice presidential security team ... after positive contact by an explosive detection canine team.″

Don Crowl, Secret Service agent based in Tulsa, wouldn’t comment on the matter. But Police Lt. Don Walker confirmed that officers searched Honomichl’s car about 30 minutes before Bush’s motorcade.

The dog sniffed around other cars along the route, but Honomichl’s car was the only one searched. Walker said the motorcade, bound for a state GOP reception, was diverted to a different route as a precaution.

Walker said the trunk of Honomichl’s car contained several safety flares which contain some of the same elements as dynamite.

He said the Secret Service will make restitution.

″I’ll be perfectly happy if the damages are paid,″ Honomichl said. ″I have to fill out a bunch of forms and the Secret Service will go from there.″

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