Seward County officers investigate reports of ‘suspicious vans’

August 25, 2018

Since the start of August, Seward County police have received at least four calls regarding suspicious vans in the towns of Seward and Milford.

In one instance, on Aug. 22, a young girl on a bike was approached in Seward by the occupants of a van, but she didn’t speak to them, according to a witness who reported what she saw to police.

Despite the reports, the Seward County Sheriff’s Office said in a release on Thursday it does not believe anyone is in immediate danger. But it did say officers will continue to accept reports.

The vans have reportedly been both sea-foam green and white, and one was reported to have a Saline County license plate.

In addition to the sheriff’s office, the reports have been investigated by the Seward and Milford police departments.

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