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March 28, 1991

VISALIA, Calif. (AP) _ Kevin Costner told the world at the Oscars he wasn’t a high achiever in his youth. His former school chums remember differently.

″He was above average,″ said classmate Leo Costa.

Costa and other chums from long ago reminisced Tuesday after Costner’s ″Dances With Wolves″ won seven Oscars, including best picture and best director. ″In high school I never won anything,″ he said at the ceremony.

Costner, 36, attended four high schools but in 1971-72 was a junior at Mount Whitney High School in this community 150 miles north of Los Angeles.

The actor-director-sex symbol changed in other ways since then.

″He was kind of a skinny little runt,″ said classmate Karen Alford. ″Then, you see him today and it shows how people change.″

Stefanie Nelson recalls Costner as a short guy who hung out with other short guys. He was nice and ″we did a lot of partying together,″ she said.


NEW YORK (AP) - Mike Tyson gave his name to Michael Tyson. Now he’s officially acknowledged he’s the father of the 8-month-old girl, a lawyer says.

The former heavyweight champ admitted in Family Court on Wednesday that he fathered little Michael Tyson, daughter of Kimberly Scarborough, 23, according to Scarborough’s lawyer, Raoul Felder.

″Do you acknowledge paternity?″ Felder quoted a hearing examiner as asking Tyson, 24.

″Yes,″ Tyson said, according to Felder.

Felder said Tyson had agreed to a settlement to provide for the child. He refused to disclose its terms.

″My lips are sealed, but everybody is happy,″ the lawyer said. ″This child is well provided for. In this regard, Tyson was a gentleman.″

Robert Herth, Tyson’s lawyer, was not immediately available for comment.

Tyson has acknowledged that he fathered D’Amato, a toddler named for his first boxing mentor, Cus D’Amato, by Natalie Frears, Felder said. The boxer denies he is the father of a son by Trena Archie, a Los Angeles showgirl.


CORAL GABLES, Fla. (AP) - Jose Canseco drives cars fast and fastballs far and apparently also likes high speed on water.

But the motorized water scooters he moors here drew the attention of Dade County environmental regulators just for standing still.

″Mr. Canseco’s dock is illegally installed and it’s damaging mangroves,″ said Bob Karafel, an enforcement officer.

Canseco’s dock is behind his $1.5 million, four-bedroom house. On a lot next door he wants to build a gym, racquetball court and whirlpool room.

Karafel said Canseco should first move the dock, or the county may try to bar further construction.

Canseco, the Oakland A’s slugger who has been repeatedly cited for speeding in his car, was in Arizona on Wednesay at spring training.

″We have no comment regarding that,″ Jeff Borris, a business spokesman for Canseco, said of the environmental complaint.


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Austria awarded its highest honor to Vienna-born Billy Wilder, who directed ″Sunset Boulevard,″ ″Some Like It Hot″ and ″The Front Page.″

The Golden Order, First Class for Meritorious Services Rendered to the Republic of Austria, was presented to the 83-year-old Wilder in a private ceremony recently at the Austrian consul’s home here.

″He’s still connected with his Austrian roots,″ consulate employee Gabriele Citek said in a statement Wednesday. ″This is represented in his work. We recognized his constant contact with the Austrian people.″

Wilder, at one time a journalist in Berlin and Vienna, directed his first film, ″Mauvaise Grain″ in 1933. He has directed or co-directed more than 25 others, among them ″The Seven Year Itch,″ ″The Apartment,″ ″Irma La Douce″ and ″The Lost Weekend.″


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Rock ‘n’ roll pioneer Brenda Lee says she stays up to date watching music videos.

″Some of it I like,″ said Lee, whose hit records in the 1960s included ″I’m Sorry,″ ″All Alone Am I″ and ″Too Many Rivers.″

″Some of it borders on the extreme to me, but I guess they are allowed to make their statement,″ she said in an interview Tuesday.

″I’ve learned what’s going on in the music world and who’s doing what. It’s been educational in a lot of ways.″


SAGINAW, Mich. (AP) - Somebody down in Nashville, Tenn., or up some place else, must have taken Greg and Rebecca Sparks’ joking seriously.

The couple’s latest release has been nominated as Christian Rock Album of the Year.

″Through Flood and Fire″ is up for a Dove Award. Gospel’s equivalent of the Grammy Awards will be announced April 11 and broadcast on cable television’s Nashville Network.

Greg Sparks, 32, a native of Saginaw, said he and his wife made several recordings with the band Found Free. But he said they only joked about winning a Dove Award until ″Through Flood and Fire″ came along.

″It wasn’t out of disrespect or anything,″ Sparks said from his home in Johnstown, Pa. ″It was just so out of reach, it was like, ‘Yeah, right, this is going to happen some day.’

″It’s a total miracle that we made the nomination.″

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