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Typhoon Judy Hits Korean Peninsula

July 28, 1989

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) _ Typhoon Judy lashed the flood-stricken southern coast with more rain and 78 mph winds Friday, uprooting trees and stranding thousands of ships, weather officials said.

Judy is the third typhoon in two weeks in Asia, where storms and flooding have killed at least 2,500 people and left hundreds of thousands of people homeless since mid-June.

The typhoon swept across Japan earlier Friday, killing three and leaving hundreds of thousands without electricity before heading for the Korean peninsula.

It was moving northwest at 15 mph and dumped six inches of rain on southern regions as it hit the peninsula Friday night, the officials said.

Its high winds uprooted trees along streets, blew away commercial signboards and shattered hundreds of windows in Yosu and other ports on the southern coast.

People in low-lying areas were evacuated. Thousands of ships were brought into ports as the National Disaster Center issued a new flood warning for southern areas.

Weather officials said the typhoon was expected to lose much of its power and weaken to a tropical storm as it continued a northwesterly course along the peninsula’s west coast.

The typhoon hit South Korea after five days of flooding that killed at least 70 people, officials said. The National Disaster Center said 45 others were missing and 54,500 were homeless. Property damange was estimated at $200 million.

Judy reached Kyushu Island late Thursday, destroying homes and causing 25 landslides, police spokesman Osamu Takano said.

Police said landslides killed a 1-year-old boy and a 63-year-old farmer on Kyushu, about 560 miles southwest of Tokyo. A 90-year-old woman also drowned in Kagoshima, police said.

Almost 390,000 homes on Kyushu were without electricity early Friday, but the number had decreased to 270,000 by midday, according to Kyushu Electric Power Co. Police estimated property damage at $3.8 million.

Rain-triggered landslides and floods also disrupted train service and forced closing of a highway in central Taiwan. Floods Thursday left eight people dead and one missing, police said.

Vietnam’s official news agency reported that heavy rains this week killed 49 people in the northern province of Thanh Hoa.

At least 14 people in China’s central Sichuan province have drowned this week, the official China Daily reported Friday. About 1,800 people have died in flooding in 15 provinces across China since mid-June.

India’s worst monsoons in 25 years have battered rural communities since Sunday, killing at least 500 people and causing millions of dollars in damages, Indian officials say. The storms left 31 people dead and 20,000 homeless in neighboring Pakistan, authorities in Karachi said.

Last week, typhoons Gordon and Hope swept across east Asia. Gordon began in the Philippines where it killed 26 people and left 17 dead in China’s Guangdong and Guangxi provinces and one dead in Hong Kong. Hope killed at least 36 people in China’s Fujian province.

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