At McTeacher Night, burgers benefit elementary school in Florence

November 29, 2018

FLORENCE, S.C. – Wallace Gregg Elementary School teachers and staff had a change of scenery after school on Tuesday. They worked McTeacher Night at McDonald’s to raise money for school activities.

From 4 to 6 p.m., teachers and staff members worked behind the counter of the McDonald’s, in the drive-through and in the kitchen, serving and preparing food for customers.

The school received 25 percent of money from sales made during the two-hour period.

Wallace Gregg Principal Debbie Donnelly said that in the past the school has received $500 to $600 per McTeacher Night. The school will find out how much it made this time when it receives the check from the McDonald’s corporate office, she said.

The money goes to fund events, such as a field day in the spring and a fall festival in the fall, Donnelly said.

Donnelly said McTeacher Night is a way for the students to see the teachers outside the school while raising money to benefit school programs.

“It’s like a win-win situation for us,” Donnelly said.

Donnelly also said McTeacher Night is a good way for teachers to experience a different career field.

“We talk about in education how we are customer servicers,” Donnelly said. “What better way to practice this than at McDonald’s because you see a variety of people; it’s a great opportunity for us.”

Kindergarten teacher Teara Morrison worked the front cash register during her shift at McDonald’s.

“I definitely have a new appreciation for McDonald’s workers because it’s a lot – especially working the register,” Morrison said. “It’s just a lot of functions that we’re not used to. It was a very good experience.”

Morrison said she got to see some of her students while working the register.

“It was fun,” Morrison said. “They get to see you in a different setting. I think they see you as this hard face inside of the classroom. So, I think it is good when they can see you in a public setting and see that we’re human, we don’t live at the school.”

The Tuesday event was Morrison’s second time taking part in McTeacher Night.

Robin Graves brought Wallace Gregg sixth-grader Reuben Johnson to McDonald’s to support the school.

Reuben said it was pretty cool to see the teachers working behind the counter.

Graves said they’ve been coming for the past three years.

The McTeacher Night has been going on for the last five years. Donnelly said that when she started at Wallace Gregg three years ago, the school was only doing one McTeacher Night a year, but she coordinated with the McDonald’s manager to do one each school semester.

The nights normally take place the week before or after Thanksgiving and the week before spring break.

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