Scranton Man Sentenced To Three To Seven Years In Prison For Involuntary Manslaughter

April 3, 2019

SCRANTON — A Scranton man who hit another man during a street confrontation in 2018, leading to his death from a head injury three days later, will spend three to seven years in state prison. Rickey Lloyd, 30, was sentenced Wednesday by Lackawanna County President Michael J. Barrasse after pleading guilty Feb. 8 to involuntary manslaughter in the death of James Savero, 37, also of Scranton. Lloyd punched Savero and knocked him to the ground on June 3 in the 100 block of Kressler Court after police say the defendant and two other Scranton men — Kalvin Lloyd and Aashon Blackwell, both 27 — assaulted two of Savero’s friends when an argument turned physical. Savero hit his head as he fell, causing brain trauma that resulted in his death on June 6. Barrasse sentenced Lloyd to two to five years in prison on the involuntary manslaughter charge and added another one to two years of imprisonment for a simple assault count involving one of Savero’s friends. The judge also ordered Lloyd to make restitution of $4,602 to Savero’s family to cover costs associated with the victim’s funeral. Prior to sentencing, Deputy District Attorney Brian Gallagher asked Barrasse to impose the strictest possible sentence on Lloyd. Citing the defendant’s criminal record, he said Lloyd demonstrated he was incapable of being rehabilitated. Savero was trying to break up the fight when Lloyd “gave him a cheap shot and cold-cocked him,” Gallagher said. Lloyd then lifted Savero off the ground and went through his pockets. Gallagher told the judge it was the “most undignified” thing the defendant could have done. Defense attorney Shane Scanlon said while Lloyd’s record may show the man he was, it does not speak to the man he is — a hard worker who at the time of his arrest held down two jobs and was a good father to his son. When the confrontation in Kressler happened, Scanlon said, someone in Savero’s group threw out a racial slur and his client threw a punch. If there were any way Lloyd could take that punch back, he would, the attorney said. He said Lloyd stood before the court remorseful and hoping for forgiveness from Savero’s family. “Never once has he looked for an excuse. Never once has he looked to lessen his involvement,” Scanlon said. Attorney Laura Dennis, who represents the Savero family, read a statement written by the victim’s mother in which she talked about her son and the pain his death has caused her family. The other two defendants in the case pleaded guilty Feb. 13 — Kalvin Lloyd to simple assault and recklessly endangering another person and Blackwell to simple assault. They await sentencing. Contact the writer: dsingleton@timesshamrock.com, 570-348-9132