Digital Mike: Beat the heat, don’t let the heat beat you

July 21, 2018


I tend to scoff at what often seems like elementary weather or basic life information, but I’m also a champ for good reminders. I think this one falls in that category.

Heat measures

It’s summer, it’s hot, but do we need reminders on how to deal with the heat? I sort of think not, but I am all for review. Give the CDC’s hot weather site a review. It’s bound to be hot for another month or so, so give it a read and see if you’re well-versed on how to counter the heat. One idea? Air conditioning!


The Cup?

Hockey fans capitalize their cup as the Cup, but the World Cup of soccer has greater prestige. They wrapped up the tournament last weekend with France winning it all, but there’s still time for fans to bask in the beautiful game. Through Monday, July 23, take a spin through a list of the 18 best goals in the 2018 tournament. Watch, then vote. It’s an impressive array.


Park it

I’m a National Park fan and that’s where my mind wanders in the summer. One of my favorites that was close to my boyhood home is Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora, N.D. It blends Teddy Roosevelt with the Badlands. And with plentiful rain, the area is greener much later in the season. Dig into this site and map out a visit. You’ll be glad you did.


Map it

Speaking of National Parks, plot your trek for the summer or even a close national park site by scouting out the overall National Park site. I like the easy way to find parks. And then if you’re adventurous, go there and get your junior ranger badge. Check it out.


The new ’font’ier

What does a font say about you? The Cool Infographics blog tells you. This is a fun blog with infographics ideas and observations. I’ve been scouting for other good infographics sites, mainly sites that just highlight good work across the web, so send your selections my way.


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