Vote for a cleaner, greener Wisconsin -- Joy Perry

October 12, 2018

What kind of Wisconsin do you want for your grandchildren?

One with sparkling lakes and rivers safe for fishing and swimming? Where they can learn to snowmobile on reliably snowy trails? Where the air and drinking water are clean? A Wisconsin offering exciting encounters of healthy and diverse wildlife?

On Nov. 6, you can vote for that vision, or you can choose politicians who will continue to dismantle Wisconsin’s conservation legacy.

The science-based decisions and policies that formerly made us international leaders in conservation have too often been abandoned to the politics of special interests and the wishes of lobbyists.

We must not allow this to continue.

On Election Day, vote for the clean and healthy water, land, air and wildlife resources that are the birthright of all Wisconsin citizens. Vote for candidates who will lead Wisconsin’s return to our rightful position as a true conservation champion.

Joy Perry, Larsen

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