Indicators of climate change

December 15, 2018

Does anyone else feel the sting of the sun’s rays heating up more and more every summer? Especially in the last three years. It used to be comfortable in the shade on a sunny summer day — not any more. It started getting warmer about 10 years ago.

We planted Leland Cypress 18 years ago, because they are drought resistant. Roseburg doesn’t get rain in the summer. The Leland Cypress were never watered, but they grew to a huge size. Now, in the last two and four years, new Leland Cypress, planted to replace 20-foot-tall dead Douglas fir, will not survive unless it is watered. Even Leland Cypress that is already 10-feet-tall shows distress for the first time this year. I see needle trees dying everywhere.

My sister living in Rheinland/Pfalz, Germany tells me farmers’ fields are brown with no rain; it isn’t worthwhile planting and using expensive water. In my 87 year of life, this is the first year this has happened. I talked to someone in North Germany near the coast. They had no rain either.

Other signs: Increase in devastating forest fires and natural disasters, oceans warming up and icebergs from the ice age melting.

It is my opinion that tons of oil extraction is removing the cushion between the Earth’s hot center and the ocean. Does the weight taken out from the inner Earth affect the balance of the Earth and the angle of the sun?

Is a disaster preventable with smart decisions made sooner rather than later? If produce starts to grow in short supply because of increasing drought, will our children suffer and starve? Boosting the economy at the cost of the environment is speeding up climate change.

Ideas for slowing climate change: Instead of the no-driver car, improve the no-gas vehicle and make it affordable for everyone. Increase wind power and support solar panels. Support anything that saves oil or stops carbon emission.

Ruth Kummrow


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