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Developments in Terror Attacks Probe

December 3, 2001

Developments related to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks:

_ Anti-Taliban fighters battled for control of Kandahar’s airport Monday as American bombers pounded suspected hide-outs of Osama bin Laden in the rugged White Mountains near the border with Pakistan.

_ The Bush administration wants Americans to remain on a high state of alert at least through the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, government officials said Monday. Ramadan’s end, which can vary from country to country, will come in mid-December.

_ Afghan factions meeting in Germany pushed forward with talks on post-Taliban rule Monday after the northern alliance named four prominent figures it said should be considered to lead an interim administration.

_ European foreign ministers opened an anti-terrorism conference Monday with a vow to strengthen the continent’s fledgling democracies. Ministers of the 55-nation Organization for Security and Cooperation said more intervention in the Balkans and the former Soviet republics was needed to stop terrorism from taking root.

_ Three people who claim to be American citizens and who fought on the side of the Taliban militia are now in control of U.S. forces or U.S.-allied opposition forces in northern Afghanistan, senior defense officials said Monday.

_ The United States and Canada signed far-reaching agreements Monday to increase border security and coordinate immigration policies to secure the world’s largest trade relationship.

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