Phil Miller: A must watch

September 13, 2018

Editor: I have been fortunate enough to be a patient of the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale and am grateful for the super medical service provided by the best medical facility in the world (per Ken Burns). Yesterday, after returning from an appointment at Mayo (another amazing visit) I saw a PBS interview with Ken Burns about his latest documentary (subject) the Mayo Clinic to be shown Sept. 25 and 26 on PBS. Ken Burns, in summing up his impressions, said while our country has searched and debated and tried to find a solution to our medical system problems — the answer has been right here under our noses for the last100 years — The Mayo Clinic. You just have to take greed out of the picture as did the Mayo brothers in the late 1800s and make the goal to serve others in a team atmosphere (for sports fans). Results have been fantastic.

As a side note, Charlie Mayo (son of one of the two founders) was the commencement speaker at my college commencement in 1962.

Phil Miller

Lake Havasu City

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