Morrison hospital, River Bend schools form health partnership

September 21, 2018

FULTON – The River Bend School District is making it easier for students to access mental health support services, thanks to a partnership with Morrison Community Hospital.

The agreement unanimously approved Monday will allow River Bend Schools to provide mental health support for students who are being seen through the Morrison Hospital Clinic. The schools will provide a meeting space for the social worker and the student. The arrangement also will allow families to begin working with the hospital through their insurance at each of the district’s schools.

“This is a service that we can help facilitate if a family chooses to have their child seen by the Morrison hospital,” Superintendent Darryl Hogue said. “We can provide the space for them to meet here ... When we have students who feel they need support, we can provide another tool for them, and that tool can be accessed on-site.”

About six students in the district receive mental health assistance from Morrison Community Hospital, Hogue said, though he expects that number to rise with the new partnership.

The agreement comes with no set ending date, with Hogue calling it “an open-ended partnership.”

“It’s an agreement that will run until one side, or both, decides to end it,” he said. “I don’t want to have an end date on it. If the service delivery model isn’t successful, we’ll re-evaluate... but hopefully we can help to cultivate a successful opportunity for families.”

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