Offer them thanks

December 20, 2018

The end of a calendar year often is an occasion when changes occur. It’s a natural time for retirements and, in election years, there is the swearing in of newly elected officials while others wrap up their time of public service.

In Norfolk, Madison County and the area, that kind of turnover seems more prevalent this year. Numerous individuals who have served this corner of the state well in a variety of capacities are moving on to a new chapter in their lives, and they’re highly deserving of a word of thanks.

At the Madison County level, residents will be saying good-bye to Nancy Scheer, who is retiring as the county clerk and election commissioner; Vern Hjorth as the county sheriff; Nancy Gross as the county’s register of deeds; and Jim Prauner as a member of the county board of commissioners. Hjorth and Gross also chose to retire rather than seek re-election this year, while Prauner was hoping to serve another four-year term but was defeated in the May Republican primary.

On the regional level, state Sens. Lydia Brasch of Bancroft, Paul Schumacher of Columbus and Tyson Larson of O’Neill all will be leaving office next month. Term limits precluded them from seeking re-election.

On the Norfolk level, among others, Norfolk Police Chief William Mizner will be retiring at the end of the year after more than three decades of service in that position. Dave Fauss, a longtime member of the Norfolk City Council, chose not to seek re-election to that post, and Jill Barr of Norfolk was defeated in her bid for re-election to a seat on the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District board of directors.

That’s quite a bit of turnover for one calendar and election year.

Because of the nature of public service that these men and women all chose to provide, it’s likely that not every decision they made was well-received by Norfolkans or area residents. That goes with the territory of elective or appointive office.

Regardless of those situations, we believe they all strove to do the best job possible in their respective positions. Their accomplishments are many and significant.

As the changeover in office occurs, we believe they deserve a word of thanks and hearty gratitude from local and area residents for their service to others.

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