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Americans React to End of Hostilities in Gulf War

February 28, 1991

Undated (AP) _ ″It’s been a miraculous war. You just don’t go to war and have it over with in a few days with so few casualties. There has to be a higher power that handled this. We’ve just been blessed.″ - Mary Jordan of Chesapeake, Va., wife of Dr. John Jordan Jr., Navy doctor aboard the USS Guam.


″I think Saddam Hussein was wrong, but I hold us accountable for that, for the tens of thousands of civilians and the tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers who have died.″ - William W. Hutchison Jr., high school social studies teacher from Dover, Del.


″It’s a bit strange that everything went as planned. It was almost like a scenario to a movie.″ - Duane Pinslow of Salem, Ore., on the allied forces success in the Gulf War.


″See, the president does listen.″ - What Carolyn Medved, 5, told her mother. The little girl persuaded Becky Medved to write President Bush asking him to ″send her dad (Army Capt. Richard Medved) home real soon.″


″We’ve lost some of our fans because we have a lot of military season- ticket holders who are over there. I’m glad they’re coming home.″ - Rod Langway, Washington Capitals hockey player.

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