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Third Red Nose Day Aims To Raise $48 Million For Charity

March 15, 1991

LONDON (AP) _ Charity fund raisers invited millions of Britons to don red plastic noses Friday for the nation’s third Red Nose Day aimed at raising more than $48 million for projects in Africa and at home.

The Comic Relief group which runs Red Nose Day promised ″24 hours of red nose madness ... a sidesplitting day of national foolishness (which) will climax with an evening of comedy on British Broadcasting Corp. TV.″

Fifteen million Britons have pledged to join in more than 50,000 fund- raising events and zany stunts around the country during the day, said Kevin Carhill of Charity Projects, the group that created Comic Relief and dreamed up Red Nose Day.

Comic Relief, a coalition of comedians and aid groups, said 9.3 million clown-like red plastic noses were on sale at pubs, stores and charity shops, together with 2.5 million larger ones to put on vehicles and 1,000 monster ones for buildings.

London’s historic Westminster Abbey sported a six-foot-wide red plastic nose Friday on its north tower. The nose was sponsored with an $1,850 donation to Comic Relief by a company that organizes conferences.

Other landmarks sporting red noses included the Lloyd’s of London insurance building in the capital’s business district and London’s Wembley sports stadium.

The first Red Nose Day in 1988 and the second in 1989 raised a total of more than $83 million.

That money was used to help farmers in famine-hit Ethiopia and fund aid projects in 28 other African states and help old-age pensioners in Britain and groups fighting homelessness, drug and alcohol misuse and disability among young people.

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