Social Service office in the Town of Ceredo begins new service

September 20, 2018

CEREDO — In terms of public safety, the Town of Ceredo has recently taken major strides to ensure the continued well being of its residents — no matter the age.

As was previously reported, Ceredo Town Council approved the hiring of a Social Services Coordinator, Judy Hutchinson, to make daily round to elderly residents and assist them as she is able.

Though she is not allowed to give direct medical services, Hutchinson can make the notifications needed to get the desired treatment and care, including call to 911 and local physicians and doctors.

According to Ceredo Mayor Paul Billups, town residents should have received an informational packet last week that included a form to register with the town Social Services Office.

Persons interested in receiving assistance from the office should complete the form and return it to Town Hall or call the Clerk’s Office at 304-453-4675.

As of Monday September 17, Hutchinson had four scheduled appointments with individuals as she began her first day of rounding.

“One of the surprising things was that some of the individuals that signed up for it wanted to know how much it was going to cost,” Billups said. “They were thrilled to find out that we were providing that service at no cost to them.”

The Ceredo Emergency Notification System is also now up and running. Mayor Billups said residents will receive a registration form this week and by completing the same will receive emergency and general Town information notifications by text, email or telephone.

“This is a logical step in transmitting information to our residents made possible by social media, so that such things as road closures, water outages, or other relevant information can be quickly transmitted,” Billups said.

Though both types of alerts are free for the public, Billups said residents don’t have to receive both emergency and general alerts and can designate on the registration form which alerts they would like to receive.

Once the registration for the Ceredo Emergency Notification system is received by Town Hall, residents will be automatically enrolled in the system and begin receiving alerts as they are sent out.

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