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Highlights of Impeachment Trial

January 15, 1999

Highlights from the first full day of the Senate impeachment trial against President Clinton:

_The trial resumed at 1:04 p.m. EST, after a week recess, with the Republican House prosecutors beginning their opening argument. Chief Justice William Rehnquist presided, and the president’s legal team observed.

_House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde introduced his prosecution team and outlined their schedule. Hyde told the Senate that Clinton violated the oaths he took to tell the truth as a witness and to uphold the nation’s laws as president and ``what you do over the next few weeks will forever affect the meaning of those two words, ’I do.‴

_Clinton attended a crime prevention event in Alexandria, Va., and worked on his State of the Union speech. He postponed a trip to New York because of bad weather.

_Rep. James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin opened the prosecution arguments by charging Clinton engaged in a ``conspiracy of crimes to prevent justice from being served″ in the Paula Jones case and the Monica Lewinsky investigation.

_Reps. Ed Bryant of Tennessee, Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas and James Rogan of California described to senators the evidence and how they believed it supported the two articles of impeachment against Clinton. They used charts and extensive video clips from the president’s testimony in the Jones lawsuit and before the grand jury to make their case.

_Several prosecutors urged senators to allow them to call witnesses later in the trial _ a decision the Senate won’t make for another week.

_The White House accused the House prosecutors of laying out a case ``that is both unsubstantiated and circumstantial″ and provided no grounds for Clinton’s removal from office.

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