OLD FIELD, N.Y. (AP) _ The death of a self-styled spiritual and computer guru whose body was found two months ago in a bay next to his home has been ruled a suicide.

Frederick P. Lenz III, an author who was criticized as an exploitative cult leader, was found dead April 13 in Conscience Bay on Long Island. Divers discovered his body in 20 feet of water, about 60 feet from land.

Detective Lt. John Gierasch said in a statement Thursday that the Suffolk County Medical Examiner's office had ruled Lenz's death a suicide.

Lenz, 48, and a female companion, who was not identified, tried to kill themselves April 11 by taking a large amount of Valium, Gierasch said. They then went out on a dock at the rear of his $2 million home, where Lenz fell into the water. His body was found two days later.

The woman was hospitalized and has since recovered.

Lenz, who for a time called himself Zen Master Rama, recruited spiritual followers beginning around 1980, but told The Washington Post two years ago that his primary business had become software development and computer seminars, for which students paid $3,500.

His novel ``Surfing the Himalayas,'' about a snowboarder who hooks up with an Eastern sage, was a best seller in 1995. He followed it up in 1996 with ``Snowboarding to Nirvana.''

Former followers called him a con man who encouraged them to sever family ties and used them for sex and to enrich himself. Lenz denied it, but said sex with students was ``perfectly acceptable.''

Lenz-Watch, a parents group, said he took in as much as $6 million a year from his students. His following reportedly was never more than a few hundred at any time.