Community comes together to raise money for Roseburg Playschool teacher Ana Orozco

March 24, 2019

Ana Orozco, a teacher at Roseburg Playschool, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, but an entire community is rallying to support her both financially and emotionally.

Orozco is scheduled to go in for surgery at CHI Mercy Medical Center for a life-saving operation, but has to come up with money prior to the procedure.

Heather Goin, a teacher at Playschool, got the word out to parents about Orozco’s predicament and Beccah Brooks started a can drive.

“I figured we’d raise a few hundred dollars, but we also wanted to give her moral support,” Brooks said.

The 38-year-old teacher known as Miss Ana lives in the area with her husband and two sons.

When Brooke Communications promotions director Rikki Correa heard about Orozco, she decided to give the plight an even wider audience.

Radio stations of 541Radio — Best Country 103, KQEN, 1490 The Score, i101 and Sam FM — hosted a can drive Friday through social media and various radio shows throughout the day. People donated popcans and bottles throughout the day.

By late Friday evening, two trucks were filled with returnable bottles and cans, Correa said.

“It’s exciting and overwhelming,” Goin said. “(Orzoco) is grateful and humbled. Thankful. She’s emotional about it and concerned about how she’s going to repay everyone, but she already has.

“She loves kids. Her whole life has been about kids. She used to tach at Cobb School and she was a nanny and when we had an opening she was all over it. She’s super sweet and kind. She deserves the help. She deserves to not be worrying about money.”

Brooks said business have also been in contact to donate money and cans.

“It’s good to remember that we’re form a small town and there’s a lot of good people here,” Goin said.

Goin said a letter about Orozco’s illness went home with parents so they could decide what to tell their children.

“They’re really little, so the parents can talk to them whatever way they see fit,” Goin said. “But I do know that she’s been getting a lot of hugs and a little boy told her he’s sorry she has an icky sickness.”

This weekend, Goin and Brooks will go to Roseburg BottleDrop Redemption Center to find out how much money they’ve raised. Donations can also be made at Wells Fargo to the Ana Orozco Fund or at Roseburg Playschool.