Letters To The Editor 1/21/2019

January 21, 2019

Shutdown for ego

Editor: The government shutdown isn’t over border security or a national crisis, as President Trump claims.

Rather, it has everything to do with a president who is afraid of looking weak and foolish to his hard-core followers. Every point he has used to justify the incredibly expensive proposed wall has been refuted.

Drugs come into this country via conventional crossing points. Actual illegal immigration numbers steadily have dropped. Many terrorists and would-be terrorists have been stopped at airports, here and abroad.

The so-called national border crisis is merely an extension of the fearmongering theme used during the last election.

Funds to deal with any actual border security issues should be appropriated by Congress. Funds for a billion-dollar boondoggle just to soothe Trump’s ego never should be permitted. In any case any discussion of any of that should be conducted separately from any negotiations about government funding. The president has maneuvered himself into a corner so that his getting a “win” on this matter becomes less and less likely. Winning and looking strong are paramount to Trump. Looking weak and foolish is something he tries to avoided at all costs.

The government shutdown’s cost in dollars and to the federal employees involved is of no consequence to him; winning is everything.

This can only be resolved when enough Republican senators decide to stop playing politics and to actually govern by overturning any presidential veto of a spending bill. There is yet the other problem, the Republican leadership in the Senate is afraid to test loyalty to the president by calling for such a vote.

So people continue to suffer, government services go undone and the nation looks increasingly foolish globally, all because of the fragile ego of one man.




Reopen government

Editor: The president’s government shutdown causes far more damage than just stopping paychecks to the 800,000 government workers directly affected.

Millions of Americans who rely on our government for farm loans, food inspections, disease control, weather forecasting and airport security are endangered. If Russian President Vladimir Putin himself was in the White House, he couldn’t be more effective in weakening our country.

President Trump’s planned military pullout from Syria puts our Kurdish allies, men and women who bravely fought against the Islamic State, at mortal risk from the Turks, who consider some of them terrorists. Would anyone else in the world ever agree to become our ally?

Democrats have done what they have to do, pass funding bills to reopen the government while denying funds for an expensive, ineffective wall.

Trump never seriously believed his “build the wall” shouts during his campaign. The obvious proof is that he claimed Mexico would pay for it. What a joke.

What should Senate Republicans do to preserve the integrity of our country? They should pass those funding bills, just like they passed a similar bill unanimously in December. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says, disingenuously, that he won’t allow voting on a bill that the president won’t sign. But a two-thirds majority would override a presidential veto. He can and should get our government back to work for the American people.

Contact McConnell, tell him to allow a Senate vote on the funding bills. Let’s end this attack from within on our government.




Illegals favored

Editor: Walls and fences have been used for thousands of years to prevent people from crossing from one side to the other, or to force them to cross only at designated locations, like gates.

Such barriers continue to be used, effectively, around prisons, airports, military installations, college campuses and estates of the wealthy. They are used at borders between countries, for the purpose of stopping illegal immigration.

Anyone who claims that a wall or fence along our southern border would be ineffective is either woefully ignorant or lying. Ask Mark Morgan, who served as Border Patrol chief during the last six months of the Obama administration. Despite being removed from that position by the Trump administration, he supports the president’s plan to extend the current wall and asserted on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program that walls “absolutely work.”

Or ask Tom Homan, former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and a Fox New contributor, who said regarding the U.S.-Mexico border, that “every place that a barrier has been built ...

illegal immigration went down.”

Although some prominent Democrats voted in favor of building border barriers in 2006 and/or 2013, they oppose President Trump’s proposed border wall. Is it because they hate this country’s current president more than they care about the security of its citizens? It would seem so. Their claim to support border security obviously is disingenuous.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called a wall “an immorality.” I think the leaders of the Democratic Party care more about illegal immigrants than about U.S. citizens.




Unpresidential mode

Editor: It appears there will be many people running for president in 2020.

I want them to know that I will only consider voting for those who promise not to use Twitter. I want my president to be, well, presidential.



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