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Self-described Nymphomaniac Says Cops Forced Her to Call Husband a Pimp

October 10, 1991

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) _ A former nude dancer who claims she’s a nymphomaniac, not a prostitute, said Wednesday that police coerced her into identifying her sheriff’s deputy husband as her pimp.

Kathy Willets responded to a police report made public this week of her statements soon after her arrest. In it, she was quoted as saying her husband, Jeffrey, was abusive and forced her to have sex for money.

″There is absolutely no truth to 90 percent of the statements,″ Mrs. Willits said at a news conference. ″Jeff has never abused me, hit me.″

Willets was suspended from the Broward County sheriff’s office after the couple’s arrest in July. Both face prostitution and other charges at a trial scheduled to begin Oct. 30.

″(Deputies) harassed me into what to say,″ she said, flanked by her husband and defense attorney Ellis Rubin. ″They told me to give them anything and anything at all on Jeff. They wanted Jeff, is what they said, ’or we will take your daughter and put you into jail.‴

Al Gordon, a sheriff’s department spokesman, called Mrs. Willets’ accusation ludicrous. He wouldn’t comment further.

Rubin has claimed Mrs. Willets, 33, suffered nymphomania, or an insatiable appetite for sex, after treatment with the antidepressant drug Prozac. She turned to other men because her 41-year-old husband often suffered impotency, the laywer said.

The defense claims she acted as a sexual surrogate, not a prostitute, for men who answered her newspaper ad offering the company of a ″beautiful young frosted blonde.″ Any money exchanged were gifts, according to Rubin.

The case has drawn additional attention because Mrs. Willets clients included many prominent local officials. Vice Mayor Doug Danziger, a staunch anti-prostitution crusader, resigned after allegations surfaced that he paid her for sex.

Attorneys for more than 50 ″John Does,″ men listed in Mrs. Willets’ appointment book, have so far successfully blocked the release of their names.

In the police statement made public Tuesday, Mrs. Willets said she wasn’t ″the kind of woman that sleeps around,″ but was forced to have sex with as many as eight men a day, raising about $2,000.

Mrs. Willets is charged with prostitution and illegally taping phone conversations. Her husband is accused of being her pimp, illegally taping phone conversations and videotaping at least one of her sexual encounters from a bedroom closet.

Rubin claimed the police report statements were false and made under duress. He also said he will try to get the trial moved from Fort Lauderdale because of intense local publicity.

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