Florence County voters approve of Sunday alcohol sales

November 8, 2018

FLORENCE, S.C. – The results of two referendums are in: There will be on-premises Sunday alcohol sales in Florence County and it appeared the state superintendent would continue to be elected.

The Sunday alcohol sales referendum passed with 62.37 percent of the votes. O n-premises sales soon will be allowed on Sundays.

The referendum orginally had two parts that included off-premises sales, but the Florence County Council decided to remove that part of the referendum.

The superintendent question appeared to be on its way to failing. With 54 percent of precincts reporting, 60.54 percent of the state had voted no on the referendum.

If the statewide Constitutional amendment had passed, it would have placed the state superintendent of education in the cabinet of the governor. If passed, once the office became vacant, Molly Spearman’s replacement would have been be appointed by the governor.

Now the position will continue to be elected.

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