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Boutros-Ghali: U.N. Haiti Mission Failed, Invasion Possible With AM-Haiti-Killing

August 30, 1994

UNITED NATIONS (AP) _ The U.N. mission to prepare the peaceful departure of Haiti’s army rulers has failed, leaving the door open for a possible U.S.-led invasion, Secretary- General Boutros Boutros-Ghali said Tuesday.

Haitian military leaders refused to meet with U.N. envoy Rolf Knutsson, saying he could only hold talks with members of the military-installed civilian government, which no country has recognized.

Knutsson returned Monday from the Dominican Republic, ending his efforts to prepare for formal talks on the departure of Haiti’s army leaders.

″We have not been successful because the military people in Haiti refused to talk with my special representative,″ Boutros-Ghali told reporters after he briefed the Security Council on Knutsson’s efforts.

He said the mission could continue only if ″I receive a mandate from the Security Council or if there is a drastic change in Haiti.″

The United Nations passed a resolution on July 31 calling on Haiti’s military leaders to peacefully step down. The resolution also authorized a possible U.S.-led invasion to restore elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to office. Aristide was ousted in a military coup nearly three years ago.

″We tried to have a peaceful implementation of Resolution 940 but we have not been successful,″ Boutros-Ghali said. ″The Security Council will have to decide what it wants to do or the group of states that have sought the mandate (for the invasion) ... will have to take their own decision.″

British Ambassador Sir David Hannay said it was ″deplorable and sad that they have rejected yet another opportunity to do this peacefully.″

In Kingston, Jamaica, four Caribbean nations agreed to provide peacekeepers to follow a possible invasion of Haiti, U.S. officials said Tuesday.

Foreign ministers of Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados and Belize told U.S. officials they would contribute to a force of 266 peacekeepers.

The Security Council on Tuesday also condemened the slaying of a pro- democracy priest who championed the rights of the poor. The Rev. Jean-Marie Vincent was gunned down Sunday night outside his home in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

″This odious crime will only strengthen the resolve of the international community to put an end to murder, terror and impunity in Haiti,″ Boutros- Ghali said.

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