Children die for our love of guns -- Susan White

May 18, 2019

Another child has died a “hero” through gun violence. Another group of schoolchildren has been traumatized.

How many more times must our children die because adults they trust won’t give up either their campaign financing or a hard-headed attitude that all guns are necessary?

No one is trying to stop rabbit, bird or deer hunting -- but human hunting needs to stop. The opponents say it is only a few who are causing the terror (and yes, it is domestic terrorism). But if guns used to hunt people were neither prevalent nor easy to acquire, these deranged individuals would have a much harder time killing our children and our friends.

Wake up, adults and voters.

Our children are at stake here. How many more need to perish and be “heroes” because we adults are too greedy or have tunnel vision and won’t enact responsible laws controlling weaponry only meant to kill people?

Their blood is on our hands.

Susan White, Madison

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