Off the Trail: Sept. 20, 2018

September 21, 2018

A while ago, I wrote about a new type of footrace coming to town. The Limestone Rocks! 3- and 6-hour ultra-race to be exact. This past Sunday, feet were set to path, and the race overall received solid reviews.

The new race mostly drew local runners but also people from Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin to the little-known trails of Limestone Township Park.

In total, 32 participants lined up for either the 6-hour or 3-hour races. A large countdown clock slowly ticked away at the check-in pavilion. Runners would run a 1.65-mile loop, rest or refuel and head back out.

The Kankakee River Running Club kept track of the time and made sure the aid station was stocked all day. It was a hot day, and the frozen Popsicles and watermelon pieces hit the right spot after a grueling loop.

I ran the 3-hour race and managed to get in 10 miles before my feet said no more. Certainly, slower than I would have liked but after a lap or two, those “small” hills start to feel like mountains.

Knowing how I felt, I found the results of the 6-hour race to be astounding.

Josh Rogowski, of Wilmington, came in first overall after notching 23 laps, which totaled 37.95 miles. In fact, four other runners crossed the 30-mile threshold during the 6-hour race. Second went to Neil Campbell (34.65), third to Kevin Dockemeyer (33.00), fourth to Adam Weber (33.00) and fifth to Drew Brattain (31.35).

The first woman finisher was Tricia Abbott, who tallied 16 laps and amounted 26.4 miles. In total, 10 people managed more than full marathon distance.

Each finisher got a laser engraved rock announcing to the world they survived the event.

Talk already has started about doing the race again next year. As I was leaving, I heard one participant say, “I hope they make it a 24-hour race.”

Better start training now.

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