Brook Park boy steals alcohol, scuffles with police; identify thief tries to buy iPhone: Berea police blotter

September 28, 2018

Brook Park boy steals alcohol, scuffles with police; identify thief tries to buy iPhone: Berea police blotter

Drunkenness-assaulting a police officer, Seminary Street: A Brook Park boy, 17, was arrested at about 10 p.m. Sept. 21 after he stole alcohol from Giant Eagle, rode a bicycle while drunk and tried to punch a police officer.

Witnesses called police after seeing the intoxicated boy on the bike. When police arrived, the boy was sitting on the front steps of a Seminary Street home, and his bike was leaning against the front porch.

The boy smelled like alcohol, and he slurred his words. He called police “Mr. Officer.” When police asked the boy where he belonged, he said, “Nowhere.” He said he felt great and would stay at the Seminary home all night.

The boy said he did not carry identification and refused to provide his name. Then he stood up and gave police a fake first name. Police ordered the boy to sit down, taking hold of his arm to lead him back to the stairs. The boy threw a punch at police.

Police ducked the punch. They wrestled the boy to the stairs and handcuffed him. He yelled at police not to touch him, then sat down. But when police tried to search the boy, he struggled. Police took him down on the grass in front of the house. They found identification in his wallet.

Police decided to transport the boy to Southwest General Health Center in Middleburg Heights, due to his high level of intoxication, erratic behavior and age. The boy said he was “drowning a broken heart.” A family member later told police the boy might have been upset over a relationship.

Inside the boy’s backpack, police found half-consumed bottles of wine and whiskey. Witnesses said the boy had told them earlier that he had stolen the alcohol from Giant Eagle. Police later confirmed the theft.

Also in the boy’s backpack were four Berea-Midpark High School vinyl banners that belonged to four student athletes. The boy was unable to explain how he gained possession of the banners.

Fraud, West Bagley Road: An unidentified male with fake identification tried unsuccessfully to buy $1,134 in merchandise, including an iPhone 8 Plus, at about 5 p.m. Sept. 15 in T-Mobile, 417 West Bagley.

The man had stolen the identify of an Oak Park, Illinois couple and used it to create a fake driver’s license. When T-Mobile workers asked the man for identification, he handed them the fake license, which appeared legitimate.

T-Mobile workers needed a phone number to complete the transaction. The man provided the victims’ phone number. T-Mobile contacted the victims, who contested the purchase. T-Mobile’s offsite customer-service department then called the Berea store and warned that the male was a fraud.

With the male still in the store, workers hid the merchandise the male wanted to buy under the counter. Workers told the male that T-Mobile’s corporate headquarters had requested additional identification from him.

The male said he had identification documents in his car. He left the store and never returned. Police will review store security video of the male.

Criminal damaging & endangering, Eastland Road: Police are looking for a 14-year-old Brook Park boy who reportedly shattered the window of a car stopped in traffic on Eastland near East Bagley Road.

The car’s driver said the boy and a second male were riding bicycles. The boy started kicking the car to provoke one of her passengers into a fight. When the passenger refused to open the car door, the boy kicked the window and broke it.

The driver said she knows the boy and believed the attack was related to a dog she and at least one of her passengers had sold to him. The passenger the boy was trying to provoke said the attack also was related to $100 worth of marijuana “that was taken.”

Operating a vehicle under the influence, Ohio 237: A South Euclid man, 49, was arrested at about 1:20 a.m. Sept. 23 after police caught him driving drunk.

Police saw the man’s Honda Civic travelling 40-42 mph on Front Street near Emerson Avenue. The car turned onto North Rocky River Drive, then 237, where its speed reached nearly 70 mph. Police stopped the car on 237.

The man admitted drinking two beers and a glass of wine at a local bar. He was not carrying his driver’s license. The man failed field sobriety tests. Inside the Civic, police found a cigarette pack containing two marijuana pipes and a small amount of marijuana.

Operating a vehicle under the influence, West Bagley Road: A Twinsburg woman, 27, was arrested at about 12:30 a.m. Sept. 22 after police saw her Honda Fit weaving on West Bagley in front of West Valley Plaza.

The woman smelled like alcohol. Her speech was slurred and her eyes were glossy. She lost her train of thought as she spoke. She denied drinking alcohol but failed field sobriety tests.

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