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Federal Judge Asked To Rule On Michigan State Sex Movie

June 3, 1986

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) _ A federal judge Tuesday banned further showings of an adult film that includes scenes from a state university, but the movie’s student producer said the issue is moot because he’s graduating.

″It was sort of a farewell to the university,″ said Robert Murawski, 21, a senior majoring in telecommunications and film at Michigan State University. ‴Spartan School for Sex’ was going to be the last movie we were going to show.″

U.S. District Judge Douglas W. Hillman issued a temporary restraining order preventing the group from showing or selling videotapes of ″Spartan School for Sex.″ A hearing on whether the order should be permanent is set for June 13.

The order stemmed from a lawsuit the university filed Monday against Murawski, a student film group called Box Office Spectaculars and a student organization called Capital Video Network.

Murawski intends to go into commercial filmmaking after graduation this month - but not adult movies. ″This whole porn thing was just something to do,″ he said.

The university’s lawsuit said the film is obscene under both state and federal law. It said the defendants showed the movie twice Thursday and an edited version twice Friday in a university lecture hall.

Many students attending the film expected the movie, based on its advance advertising, to depict Michigan State students. The film, however, incorporated campus scenes with clips of old adult films.

The lawsuit alleges that the film violated trademark rights of the university because it uses the Spartan name, school landmarks and logos without university consent.

The suit filed Monday asked Hillman to declare ″Spartan School for Sex″ obscene and award the university unspecified damages, costs and attorney fees.

Ingham County Circuit Judge Thomas L. Brown issued a temporary restraining order Friday against Murawski after a lawsuit was filed by Coalition Against Pornography on Campus. The suit objected to a scene in the film showing anti- pornography protesters from the group.

The order was issued about 20 minutes before Friday’s showing, and the film was re-edited to remove the scene and shown as ″Spartan School for Sex II.″

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