Mayville Common Council takes no action on Kekoskee’s EMS request

December 21, 2018

Following a closed session meeting, the Mayville Common Council took no action after the village of Kekoskee asked for a new proposal for emergency services.

The city already made an offer that the Kekoskee Village Board tabled on Tuesday, instead asking for a new one by Thursday.

Earlier this year, the Mayville Common Council voted to terminate EMS services if Kekoskee’s merger with the town of Williamstown went through without another agreement, which it did when the state approved it in the fall. The unincorporated town of Williamstown has now attached to the village of Kekoskee and its operations are being combined as a village that surrounds Mayville.

After the boundary changes went through, the city previously made two offers that were rejected. One was to provide EMS services as usual if Kekoskee voluntarily stayed the merger as the legal appeal continues. The other, which was not accepted on Tuesday, was to provide a one-year, $7,150 contract if Kekoskee did not take action with zoning and land division as the appeal continues.

Kekoskee officials instead asked Mayville for another offer by Thursday, believing that Mayville’s offer gave the city too much authority over Kekoskee’s operations and that zoning and land use should not have been connected to an EMS contract.

Mayville officials oppose the merge over concerns that it will affect the city’s ability to annex land and grow.

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