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Massachusetts Certifies Perot for Ballot

June 20, 1992

BOSTON (AP) _ Supporters of Texas billionaire Ross Perot filed more than twice as many signatures as needed for him to qualify as a presidential candidate in Massachusetts, the Secretary of State’s office announced Friday.

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, Perot backers turned over 120,000 names, almost four times the number needed, on petitions to their state official for certification.

Susan Pye, a spokeswoman for the Massachusetts secretary of state’s office, said the office received 22,494 certified signatures. Only 10,000 were required. The signatures can be challenged until Aug. 28, but challengers would have to prove that more than 12,000 were fraudulent to keep Perot off the ballot.

Perot was to be in Boston Saturday to thank supporters for their work. The signatures were filed long before the August deadline for turning them in to the state.

Perot has been certified for the ballots in 15 other states: Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wyoming.

In Arkansas, Perot coordinators have closed a regional office because two volunteers apparently had white supremacists ties.

″We informed them that agenda has no place in the campaign,″ said Fayetteville lawyer John Arens, Perot state chairman.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported Thursday that two Perot volunteers in the Harrison, Ark., office had ties to white supremacist groups.

One of the Harrison volunteers denied any connection to white supremacists.

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