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Ranger Shoots Man With Fake Bomb

January 7, 1998

SULPHUR SPRINGS, Texas (AP) _ A man who walked into an office Tuesday with a fake bomb and demanded to speak with Gov. George W. Bush was shot to death by a Texas Ranger.

``The guy had a box that was about the size of a cigar box, with a toggle switch,″ Texas Rangers spokesman Mike Cox said.

``The Ranger was trying to talk to the man,″ he said. ``The notion was to get everybody else out of the building in case there was an explosive device.″

Texas Ranger Sgt. Danny Rhea and two state troopers remained with the man at a driver’s license office while authorities moved everyone from the building.

Authorities said the man demanded to talk with Bush, pulled a pistol from his waistband and started acting aggressive and erratic.

``At that point, troopers that were in the office started backing away. The Ranger fired at him,″ Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Sherri Deatherage Green said.

There was no indication the man fired, she said. The man, whose name has not been released, died at a hospital.

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