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Class-Action Suit Filed Against Savitz

April 4, 1992

PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ Two young men who say they had sex with an AIDS-infected businessman accused of paying hundreds of youths for sex filed a lawsuit against him Friday seeking at least $3 million.

Their lawyer, Val Wilson, said Edward I. Savitz was negligent in failing to tell the men he suffered from the deadly disease.

Savitz, 50, is being held on $20 million bail on charges of sexually abusing four teen-agers. Authorities said that over a decade or more, Savitz paid hundreds of boys and young men for sex, their dirty underwear and socks and even feces.

His attorneys have denied that Savitz had sex with teen-agers.

Wilson said the lawsuit doesn’t concern whether Savitz is guilty of a crime. ″He was negligent in not disclosing his AIDS status so that people can make an intelligent decision about whether to have contact with him,″ Wilson said.

District Attorney Lynne Abraham said Savitz has suffered from AIDS for at least a year and carried the AIDS virus for at least one or two years before developing the disease.

The suit identified the plaintiffs only as 18-year-olds who had contact with Savitz over the last two years, Wilson said.

Barnaby Wittels, one of Savitz’s attorneys, declined to comment.

Wilson said the damages would be used to provide medical treatment, counseling and AIDS testing for those who had contact with Savitz.