Communication can curb a crisis before it’s created

March 24, 2019

It’s easier to avert a crisis before it starts than manage it once it erupts.

This is the most relevant aspect of the recent announcement that the Kankakee County Branch of the NAACP and local law enforcement have joined forces to form the Kankakee County Community Crisis Response Team.

The relationship between these groups existed before the announcement, but this takes it to a new level in terms of communications, which is the most important aspect of solving problems before they fester or even develop.

As local NAACP President Theodis Pace said: “Both law enforcement and all the people the NAACP serves need to broaden our sense of community, rebuild trust and commit to shared values.”

These are words that should resonate with the whole community. We share a lot more similarities than differences. Placing a focus on those similarities can only have a positive result.